Greathorse Group

Corporate History

Along with the deepening and the advancement of her opening and reform drive, China has now grown into a global processing factory, which has brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of shipping industry. However, insufficient capital limited the growth of shipping industry to a large extent. To break off with such frustration, the founders of Greathorse Group seized the favorable opportunity, and formed Greathorse Business Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in 1997, depending on their rich experience in shipping business and relying on their sharp insight and accurate judgment over the market. Greathorse has been fully attracting and utilizing foreign capital to strenuously exploit China’s shipping market and bring forth the new ship chartering business for the Chinese shipping companies and shipbuilding industry. Meanwhile, Greathorse has earned a high and good reputation in the shipping industry.

Over the recent years, the global shipping operation is becoming increasingly professionalized. Standard that measures the power of a large shipping enterprise is no longer based on the number of the ships it possesses. Instead, the number and tonnage of ships in operation as well as its abilities of cost control and profitability tend to be more important. More and more shipping enterprises, therefore, have turned to expand their business scope by chartering in vessels. Greathorse keeps making an integrated study and analysis, from all-around perspectives, of the global economy and shipping market, and following closely the business situations and development needs of various large shipping enterprises, striving to order ships that the large shipping enterprises need and charter to them under long-term and relatively low fixed rate basis, so that these enterprises may expand the scale of their fleets, improve their operating capacities, and effectively reduce their business costs and risks.

With persistent efforts in advancement and creation, Greathorse Group has thereafter set up Greathorse Shipping Holding Ltd. and Greathorse International Shipping Management Company; and formed a fleet of 17 ships. In addition, Greathorse Group has established stable and sound cooperative relations with various large shipping enterprises and ship-building enterprises, which has laid a good foundation for Greathorse Group’s further development into an advanced all-around professional ship-chartering company.